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Congrats to the newlyweds!

Hope your marriage is filled with happiness and love! ♥


Andy is coming here tomorrow!!!

Ignore the fact that I was supposed to have an essay done by now which hasn't even been started or thought about, really. fdhsjkaflhdsj I'm so fucking excite.

Feb. 27th, 2011

Everyone should see 'Drive Angry' with Nicholas Cage.

I'm only semi-serious. It was awful and over the top and ridiculous. But hilariously so. Picked up my mood so much.

Let's just say this to sum it up: there was a having-sex-while-simultaneously-in-a-gunfight scene. In slow motion. I think that's all I need to say.



/just wanted to share :P

Oh god skip this.

I miss Andy.

I really. Really do. I'm so glad we have our skype dates and we talk on skype everyday because...I dunno. I just miss him terribly.

Truthfully, I probably would not want to go back to the states this much if it weren't for him. And that's not a bad thing! I'm not saying that I hate it here and I want to go back so much. I love this city, truly. I love the atmosphere and the sights (even though I have yet to really do as much sightseeing as I probably should have) and although I am more than frustrated with the anthropology department for not having my internship lined up (which will most likely get a whole other post in itself), I'm pleased with my school. The political studies department, at least.

But I never stop thinking about him.

I want to go back to the states much sooner than I was going to. I want to hang out with him and be with him and just have all the fun in the world with him.

I mean, I need to go back earlier anyway, because of summer fellows, but...I want to leave by very early May/very late April. I can travel and do everything that I want to do by then, I'm pretty sure. I'll be done with classes and everything in March anyway, so that should be more than enough time for me to do everything I want to do.

Yeah. I just miss him so much. My god I sound so whiny in this. =3= I kind of hate myself for writing it, even though it's true.
So if I get to go to the Monday session of my Anthropology class, I will now have Tuesdays and Thursdays off.

Allie is excite.

Yes, this by itself needed its own post, shut up.

Reading troubles

As much as I love the fact that I don't need to buy textbooks while I'm over here...I hate the fact that I can never seem to find the things I need to read at the library. :| Everyone takes them out forever, when they know that the rest of the class needs to read from them also! fdfjdklsfhsdkj /rage.

I hate buying textbooks, but my god do I miss having my own copy of things just in my room. They're there, and in my room all the time; I don't have to go scrounging through the library in hopes that the book that I need to read for the next class is there.

And I still wish the school was a bit closer. It's a two mile walk, which is really nice at times, but at others, I just want it to be closer to me. Though I should just shut up and take the bus there, but I don't want to spend the money to do so. Also, walking 4 miles a day back and forth is really good exercise. And I've been running, too! Though I'm not sure if I will be able to today, with all the readings I need to go find and do. I was going to run down to the school, but I need to carry my backpack with me, and I really don't like running with anything on my back, so maybe if I get the chance later I'll head out.

Though I am sore as hell, so maybe I'll rest today, and go out tomorrow. I mean, it's not like I'll be doing nothing; I'm still gonna be walking around a lot. Which is okay.

I'm thinking about starting one of my essays this weekend. Maybe the one for Gender and Politics, because I'm doing a presentation for it next week, and so I need to do more research anyway. Hm...yeah, I'll try and do that.

And probably going out to a pub this weekend! I'm excited.

Summer Fellows

So, because I should be returning to the US of A at least a month earlier than I expected - thank you British system, with your three terms and being done with classes and possibly everything at the end of March 8D - I now have the chance to do summer fellows back at Ursinus, which I thought I was going to have to pass up on.

Emailed Dr. Goebeler, asking him what direction I should take, since I definitely want to do something in Real Analysis - or Complex, if I have to - but I'm not sure exactly what. And I asked him if I could audit Analysis II; I probably can't take the class for a grade, but having it there would be nice so that a) I don't not take a math class at all this semester, which would kind of suck, and b) I can get more knowledge about the subject I want to focus on for research if I get in.

And a ton of my friends are doing fellows this year, and we get I think...$2500 to do it and all we need to pay for is meals, I think.

I'm excited. I hope I can get in!

Also, England is still fab though I wish the sun would show up more here. 8< And I don't like that they call the first floor the ground floor and the second floor the first floor. Sob it makes me feel like I should have less stairs to climb when going to the "third floor." IT'S THE FOURTH. /sob. Mah laziness.

But no, London, you are fab. :>